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A Yoga Lifestyle Calls for Organic Yoga Apparel

Yoga is the spiritual art of rejuvenation, it was originated in India and has been practiced in various forms there, and elsewhere, for thousands of years. Yoga has translated from generation to generation so well because of its inherent healing abilities. Known to cure disease, it is also used worldwide to heal both the physical and mental body. Yoga, when practiced safely and correctly, relieves tension and brings balance and harmony back into the body.Yoga has become so popular worldwide these days that yogi’s – its practitioners – have begun to refer to their way of life as a “yoga lifestyle”. Yoga lifestyle refers to a conscious way of living in every facet of life – from a daily practice to purchasing consciously made food and clothing. Organic yoga apparel is an entire category of consciously grown and produced clothing that caters to this lifestyle demographic. Typically made from organic cotton and other natural materials, organic yoga apparel is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and then milled, woven, dyed and sewn in ethical labor conditions.Yoga clothing brands have become very popular for creating conscious clothing for the yogi lifestyle demographic while ensuring that the yoga clothing is both fashionable and functional. In addition to the conscious way in which they’re made, yoga clothes are unique for the way they drape on the body, ensuring that the wearer retains maximum mobility during their practice. Organic yoga apparel has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic and will not cause skin irritation or discomfort the way that conventional sports clothing made from synthetics will.Hot yoga clothing is a category that has evolved out of the organic yoga apparel market. Hot yoga is often done in rooms where the temperature exceeds 40° celsius so hot yoga clothing typically covers less of the body and must wick away moisture in an efficient manner. Thankfully, organic cotton wicks moisture as well as any synthetic in the market.There are many yoga clothing brands that go beyond clothing to provide beautiful accessories such as yoga shawls and headbands. It’s not uncommon to find a brand that makes yoga headbands, shawls, shirts, pants, shorts and tops, all made from organic cotton and other natural materials. Style and fashion have become increasingly common with organic clothing as big retailers like Nike and h&m shift their production lines to cater to the growing yogi lifestyle market who demand organic cotton clothing and accessories.Yoga lifestyle may be a recent term but with yoga having existed for thousands of years, it is likely a term that is here to stay.